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Tower: Faith, Vertigo and Amateur Construction

"Perhaps the gentlest, sweetest, most introspective and humblest towering achievement in the history of towering achievements." –Bill Roorbach, Newsday
"Beautiful, moving, warm and wise... utterly compelling, this should become a classic." –Joyce Carol Oates
"Should take its place on the shelf next to Thoreau's Walden and the Nearing's Living the Good Life. Like those classics, it's a blueprint for a simpler life." –Joseph Hart, Minneapolis Star Tribune

After finishing his last memoir Henderson headed for Maine, irresolute. He discovered a plot of land on a hill overlooking the sea and decided to build by himself a tower for no reason. The meditations that sprang from hauling lumber and pouring his own foundation became Tower.

For Henderson, constructing the tower was an exercise in faith and self-reliance. He guides us through the details of design and construction with clear illustrations and good humor, often digressing to contemplate the various towers of Yeats, Joyce, Sam Rodia, and Gustave Eiffel, among others. The finished result is not only Henderson's completed tower but a revelatory insight into what has motivated the builders and thinkers who inspire our own efforts to attain a higher viewpoint.

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